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After long hours and lots of effort you made it into your customer's home. You've built a relationship with your customer. Why not save your customer more money and provide additional value. Homing Beacon allows you to unlock additional value for your customer. Easily browse and find complimentary products and services that your customers need and want. Homing Beacon makes it easy. Download the app today and start earning additional income!

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What We Do

We’ve got the tools you need to open more doors


With 10 products or services to choose from there is bound to be something your customer needs and can save money on. From TV, Internet, Cell Phone, Pest Control, Solar we have a product or service your customer needs. Easily build and customize an offer that fits your customer's needs in minutes.

Earn More Money

You did all the hard work, keep the money. You earn more money per sale as there is no expensive overhead eating into your commission.

Paid Instantly

No longer do you need to wait a week to get paid. You make a sale you get paid instantly. Your commission is deposited into your bank account right away! Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Generate Leads

Dont' have time to complete the sale? Send a qualified lead and earn additional income. Stay focused on your next sale and send that qualified lead to a specialist to close. You earn money and can move on to the next deal.

Digital Contracts

Complete the order in real-time executing the deal using digital contracts. No more paper, all digital process means less mistakes and you get paid right away.

Open More Doors

Need an easier sale to soften the doors? Lead with a product or service that has a lower barrier that allows you to get into the door.

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